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With NFIB's Managed Program, we have franchisors like you endorsing our services as the Preferred Supplier, a franchisee can then visit the insurance portal where they can access an insurance program that has been custom created to comply with the requirements of their franchise business. To make the process even easier, all the information about the franchise is pre-populated in this customised insurance program. To maximise ease of use and to prevent any risk of delays or missed payments, we have designed the system to have common due dates for all Managed Program insurance policies.

Our meticulous attention to detail paves the way for a win-win situation for you as well as your franchisees. Your franchisees get to save significantly on their insurance costs by opting for our affordable coverage while you, the franchisor, eliminate the need to invest valuable resources tracking each franchisee’s insurance coverage and assessing if it is compliant with the franchise agreement.

We Deliver Solutions with the Goal of FormingA Trusting Partnership

Appropriate for your specific franchise business requirements, making it easy for you to have quality Insurance services.
Being insured by one of Australia’s leading franchise insurance specialists means having access to cutting-edge insurance management technology that gives you more control over insurance activities, peace of mind that every franchisee has an appropriate cover, and removes the burden of managing individual insurance needs.
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