F A Qs

Frequently Asked


What is the insurance market behind PSC NFIB?

PSC NFIB uses only Authorised Australian insurers.

How long has PSC NFIB been operating?

PSC NFIB was formed as a new trading company in 2010.PSC NFIB was owned and operated by the broker firm LTM Risk Partners which has been in existence since the early 1970’s.
– PSC NFIB is no longer a part of LTM Risk Partners and now operates in its own right –

Can I arrange insurance independently of my franchisor?

No. PSC NFIB is designed as a product that is marketed and endorsed by your franchisor.

How do I make a claim?

By either contacting us on 1800 776 747  (24 /7) or complete the appropriate claim form that is located on our website www.mynfib.com.au

Who will assess my claim?

Depending on the nature of the claim, it may not be necessary to appoint a claims assessor. However, should this be the case, one will be appointed by PSC NFIB who will contact you to make a time to discuss your claim.

Are there assessors where I live?

Yes. Our assessing company is located Australia-wide.

How long does a claim take to settle?

Depending on the nature of the claim, every circumstance is different. Once we are advised of the claim, a file is opened and acted on immediately. Our internal claims people will make regular follow-ups with the insurer to ensure a satisfactory and speedy settlement.

If I want to adjust my limits down or remove any will this affect my premium?

In most cases you have total flexibility on the covers and limits you can insure for (subject to franchisor compliance)

Does my policy have an excess?

Yes. This will be printed on your quote.

I have more than one outlet in different names. Can I package these together?

No. Multiple locations can be added to the quote environment as long as they are owned by the same legal entity. If there are separate legal entities you will need to register online in those names.

Other than my outlet, can I add other insurances via PSC NFIB?

Yes, PSC NFIB is a Commercial insurance broker and is able to provide quotes for all General Insurance Products.

Can I arrange Workers Compensation?

PSC NFIB can arrange Workers Compensation for the states of WA, NT, TAS and ACT. Outside of these states, you will need to deal with WorkCover in your state.

What other insurances can be arranged via NFIB?

Motor Vehicle, Household, Caravan, Pleasure Craft, Commercial and Domestic Strata, Life Insurance, Superannuation, Income Protection and Life Insurance.

I have previously made claims. Will this affect me?

Possibly. When answering the claims question in the quote environment you may be advised of a referral. This will require a personal assessment of the circumstances by one of our team who may call you to discuss. Regardless, you will be notified of the outcome.

If I am covered by this program with other franchisees from the same industry, will my premiums be affected by those who claim all the time?

No. While the concept of bulk buying and premium leveraging is one of the major benefits of the PSC NFIB concept, each store-owner is independently assessed.

How were the automatic limits under the fire insurance determined?

The limits were determined by PSC NFIB as commercial insurance brokers who understand the exposures for your industry. This ensures that there is more than adequate or required cover for your business.

Is this site secure, and can anyone see my details as I am part of a franchise group?

Yes. This is a secure site. Your information is treated as private.