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PSC NFIB group managed program advantages

Ali Okailey January 14, 2021 0 Comments

When franchisees come on board with an endorsed program at PSC NFIB, franchisors can be assured that they are appropriately covered, and that their compliance requirements are being met.

There is also no need for the new franchisee to complete multiple complex forms or visit the insurer’s office or wait for approval. Instead, they only need to complete a four-step process at a dedicated virtual hub.

With PSC NFIB’s programs, each franchise group has its own dedicated account executive, which results in greater efficiency and time saving, especially when it comes to lodging claims. And speaking of claims, the 24-hour portal provided means that claims can be lodged at any time without delay.

As a franchisor, you can benefit from an endorsed franchise business insurance program in multiple ways. You can be assured that your compliance requirements are being met, that you have the ability to tailor your group’s insurance according to risk level, and that you can track the insurance activities of your franchised members. Having a simple, streamlined process of obtaining insurance and making claims is also likely to be a selling point when it comes to attracting franchisees to your business.

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