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Insurance that 'Meats' the Needs of Food Industry Franchises

Ali Okailey October 10, 2021 0 Comments

Running a food or catering business comes with a wide range of risks.

As well as the general types of risk common to all businesses, such as fire, burglary, and public liability, specific food industry risks include:

  • Equipment breakdown
  • Power outages
  • Food spoilage and stock loss
  • Food poisoning
  • Kitchen fires
  • Burns and scalds
  • Glass breakage
  • Fluctuating stock availability and prices
  • Changing food trends
  • Food preparation injuries

Managing the risks

Sound risk management is crucial for reducing the risks, but even then things can happen that result in injury claims, property losses, lawsuits or business interruption.

This makes it essential to have the right types and level of insurance cover for the financial protection of the business.

PSC NFIB’s solution for food industry franchises

PSC NFIB exists to provide the best insurance cover for franchises. Here’s an overview of the benefits of our insurance solution:

  • Managed insurance program – a tailored suite of suitable coverages is created for a franchised business. This saves franchisees the effort of sourcing and purchasing individual policies, and ensures they are fully covered and compliant with their insurance obligations.
  • Group purchasing power – utilising managed programs means that insurance cover can be purchased in bulk from underwriters. This works out to be much more cost-effective than buying separate coverages individually. As a PSC NFIB member, you get to leverage the power of group insurance buying.
  • Consistency – a franchise managed program ensures the franchise has full and consistent cover throughout with common due dates for renewal. Cover can also be customised for individual franchisee risks if needed.

Easy online processes – franchisees can quickly and easily join with just a few mouse-clicks. We also offer an easy online claims process and fast claims turnaround, and a simple online renewal process.

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