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Ali Okailey October 10, 2021 0 Comments

The best way to keep your insurance claims and costs to a minimum is to reduce the level of risk in your business.

Injuries and accidents at work can be expensive – not only due to the potential for compensation claims but also in terms of lost work hours, loss of valuable skills, reduced productivity, extra demand on other workers to fill in for the injured party, the cost of training replacements, and the general effect on morale that can occur.

When you think of injuries at work, your mind might go to dramatic events such as fires or other disasters. However, workers can suffer from illnesses or injuries from what might seem like rather mundane things – such as buckled mats, slippery floors, poor lighting, poorly designed workstations, repetitive tasks, inappropriate lifting and carrying of objects, stress from demanding workloads, heat stress, tripping on obstacles, and so on.

We recommend taking the time to really inspect your work premises to ensure your building is as safe as possible for the comfort, wellbeing, physical protection and health of your workers. They’ll be more than likely to thank you for it with improved productivity! Of course, it’s also important to maintain a safe workplace to help ensure the protection of clients and other people who visit your business premises.

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