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With our Insurance Solutions, an agreement is set between the franchisor and PSC NFIB where all appropriate covers are provided in accordance with the franchise compliance requirements


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PSC NFIB was founded specifically for franchised businesses. After discovering a void in the market for a dedicated insurance provider for franchisees and franchisors, PSC NFIB was established to meet the gap and fulfil the growing demand in Australia.


Automated Services

Our online service is fully automated and compliant with the franchise agreements, achieved by working in tandem with the franchisor to ensure that the franchisee receives the most suitable cover for their business at a highly competitive premium.
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PSC NFIB Comes with a host of benefits

When you insure your franchise network with us, you will receive all the benefits you would expect from a leading franchise insurance specialist.

√ Your own online insurance portal.

√ Insurance programs compliant with your franchise agreement.

√ Common due dates for all franchisee policies.

√ Full documentation issued, including certificates of currency.

√ Landlord certificates of insurance managed by PSC NFIB on your behalf.

√ 24/7 claims reporting to keep you in the loop.

√ Automatic notifications of franchise insurance activities.

√ Advanced reporting mechanisms to help you manage risk.

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Streamlining the Process of Insurance for Franchised Businesses

Insurance Programs

PSC NFIB offers a smooth and dedicated online service for franchised businesses. Under our insurance solutions an agreement is set is set between the franchisor and PSC NFIB. Making sure each location is adequately covered.

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